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Middle East ’s Biggest Zinc, Lead and Mine Revived
The Mehdiabad zinc and lead mine in the central province of Yazd has resumed operations following a $1 billion investment, Mehr news agency reported
calendar Date: 9/11/2015       viewVisitCount : 12906
Iowa Power Cooperative to Add Solar Power Panels to the State
An Iowa power cooperative says it plans to add solar panels to the state to generate another source of energy.
calendar Date: 8/30/2015       viewVisitCount : 5526
Energy On a Sphere
With the emergence of open resources and new technologies, Americans today have scads of knowledge at their fingertips.
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SECHAHUN Pelletizing project in YAZD Province-Bafgh City
SECHAHUN Pelletizing project with capacity of 5 MTY in Bafgh City
calendar Date: 8/30/2015       viewVisitCount : 6525