During previous years KDD Company fully committed to satisfy its customers in both quality and services and we were able to successfully increase Client's satisfaction and attempt to complete their requirements. Over the last years, KDD has successfully completed several projects in different areas, and by having experience in mining industries activities and related infrastructure we are able to provide the best solutions from technical and financial point of view in complex project. KDD, with its advanced organization and most expert staff is ready to collaborate in development projects.

Main goals of KDD Company are as following:

• To implement projects within the frame work of sources and scheduled programs in conformity with the employer's request and by putting more emphasis on management and acquiring necessary experience and knowledge, and using them in the future steel making projects.

• Provide Project management and engineering services for companies.

• Development of mine and mining industries in less developed areas.

• Increasing investment in Steel Making Plants as well as mines.

• Expanding modern methods of financing for better implementation of projects.

• Increasing productivity and competitiveness in Steel Making and mining industries.

• Using cutting edge technologies necessary for mine and metallurgical industries.

• Development of private sector’s investment in mine and metallurgical industries and related infrastructures.